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Win A Contest - Help Me Find This Music!! - National Geographic

Dec. 10th, 2007

12:47 am - Win A Contest - Help Me Find This Music!!

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I’ll give a $30.00 gift certificate to the establishment of your choice (somewhere nationwide that I have access to, or at least online access to) to the first person who can either find me the above Moroccan album on CD (I’ll pay shipping if necessary – I’ll take the tape if that’s all you can find, but would prefer CD) or if you can tell me where online I can get it. It has to be THIS album, not another album that is similar or another album by the same artist – it has to be this exact album! (Ask your Arab friends to help!)
This album is by a Moroccan artist, and we suspect that it is a bit dated and/or by an independent artist, which is why it may be hard to find. As you can see the language is in Arabic, of which I cannot read. My friend Younes, from Morocco, thinks the name/spelling is something like “Abd Al Lakh Almajid”, but since the google searches were unsuccessful it could be spelled wrong or something.
Anyway, I would *REALLY* like this CD for a video project I am working on. I don’t want or need any music *like* it, as I have that already in case I’m unable to locate it, but if you were able to locate it you’d be my hero for life ;-) and also featured as a guest star on my blog AND would have a cool handy-dandy $30.00 gift certificate, which would make a great holiday gift! ;-)

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