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Destination : Garut - National Geographic

Apr. 23rd, 2008

10:44 am - Destination : Garut

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Source : www.visitbandung.net

Garut is one of the regencies in Southern West Java with the area of 306.519 hectares or 3,006.88 square kilometers. Geographically, it lies between 657'34"-744'57" latitude and 107 24'34"-108 7'34 longitude. , belonging to West Java Province region in Indonesia where its borders are the follows;

• Eastern Side : Tasikmalaya Regency
• Western Side : Cianjur and Bandung Regency
• Northern Side : Sumedang Regency
• Southern Side : Indonesian Ocean

This area includes valley territory surrounded by volcanoes (mount Karacak:1838m, mount Cikuray:2821 m, mount Guntur:2249 m, mountKampung Naga - Garut Papandayan 2622 m in the Northern side with the average heights of 700 - 750 meters over sea level . There are the streams of frozen lavas on their slopes. In general Garut has cool and tropical climate with the average temperature of 24.3 Celsius degree, whereas the rain falls are average of 2,589 millimeters per-year.

The typology of land fertility is various because of being influenced by mountains, river stream and coastal lowland territories. With the mentioned condition the potency of Garut Regency's territory I dominated by agricultural businesses especially plantation, food plant, animal husbandry followed by forest resources.

Some of specific and well known commodities from Garut are Garut Orange Fruits (Jeruk Garut), Garut Lamb (Domba Garut), Dodol Garut (delicious specific snack from Garut), Vetiver Root Oil /Andropogon Zizanioides (Minyak Akar Wangi), Batik Tulis Garutan (hand painting clothes), Silk Worm Clothes, Gemstone, Leather Craft, and Bamboo Craft. Garut Orange commodity plant located at mountain hill area at Wanaraja, Samarang and Bayongbong District. That all location most popular in Indonesia as mountain hill area with highland view more than sea level 900 m - many kind of fruits and vegetable production. Since a long time ago, when Indonesia have been Dutch colonization, Garut orange are kind variety classified as one of Indonesia famous exotic fruits in the world. Garut Orange has a good taste, good coloring, thick skin textures, and good aroma. Until, a moment, CVPD ( citrus vein phloem degeneration/) damaged it.

Administratively, Garut regency consists of 42 sub districts and 419 rural districts with 2.173.623 people (1.106.473 males and 1.067.150 females). Garut Regency constitutes the buffer land and hinterland for the development of Bandung Raja's territory, has strategic position and the supplier for the needs of Bandung municipality and regency's populations all at once it takes a rote in restraining environmental equilibrium.

Based on the characteristic of the territory, Garut Regency is divided into two territories.

• The territory of Northern Garut consists of upland which constitutes the largest rice field in Garut regency and in general it consists of upland with mountains and range of hills.
• The territory of Southern Garut most consist of sloping land and flowed by twelve rivers going in directions of south and emptying into Indonesian Ocean .

The potencies of tourist resort in Garut Regency, not only coastal panorama and its sea but also crater, waterfalls. Lakes and a hot water place supported by fresh and cool air are much enjoyed by local tourist or those being out Garut Regency even foreign tourists instead. So it is reasonable at if Garut Regency had the call "Swiss Van Java" in the Dutch Colonial Period.