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missing in China - National Geographic

Feb. 7th, 2007

12:05 am - missing in China

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Ada Gershovich is a very experienced traveler.
She is traveling many years by herself in many countries.
She is 63 years old, her height is 1.62, not fat, she has curly brown hair and green eyes.
Many years she wanted to travel in China and finally on March (03) 2006 she arrived to Beijing. She traveled for about a month in eastern China and then flew to Korea. than she traveled another two months and went to Mongolia. after Mongolia she returned to China, but very soon went to Kazakhstan.
In the middle of September (09) 2006 she returned to China the last time. She traveled in Sichuan and then arrived to Yunnan.
The last e-mail we got from her was on 11.17.06 where she wrote that she is in Deqin city, that she left her big bag in Zhongdian and that she plans to stay in Deqin till 11.19.06. On 11.19.06 we got the last phone call from her.
She said she wants to go for a two day trek to Yubeng village in Melli Snow Mountain area.
after that she plans to go to Baishuitai, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Lijiang, Kunming and then to go to Jinghong where she plans to take a boat to Thailand. She said that her Chinese visa expires on 12.17.06 and she'll be home in Israel before 12.25.06 (because we had a family wedding on 12.27.06)

Since the telephone talk on 11.19.06 we didn't have any contact with her.
When she didn't arrive to Israel on the 12.25.06 we got very worried.
We contacted Israeli embassy in Beijing and they contacted the police of Yunnan, Zhongdian and Deqin.

On 04.01.07 me and my sister came to China to look for our mother. We are in constant contact with local police, there are broadcasts about her on Yunan TV and radio, posters are spread in the whole area but no information whatsoever.
Recently we contacted an organization in Israel that specifies in search and rescue of missing people. Their group is arriving tomorrow, hopefully they will succeed.
The group consists of specialists in missing people search and they are all volunteers, but all the expanses of flights, equipment, employment of local help and of course boarding and food are paid by us. We ask the help of the public to donate as much as they can to help us finance the rescue team.

Also we ask all the travelers that have been in Shangrila area on the dates between 19.11.06 and till today (or any other area) if they met or saw Ada please contact us:
Smadar and Shulamit: 13522000952
Miss Zhao Israeli embassy in Beijing: 13521999153
Miss He in Zhongdian police: 13988766069

information in Hebrew and details for donations can be found on the site of Israeli Flying Aid

Thank you very much for your help

With great respect,
Shulamit and Smadar