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Steve Raymer - National Geographic

Sep. 21st, 2007

02:06 pm - Steve Raymer

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Hi all,

I found this community recently when doing a search for Steve Raymer's name. I didn't even know there was a National Geographic community! How neat.

Anyway, I see that at least a couple of the recent pictures posted are Steve's, so I thought you all might be interested to know that he has a new photo book that is coming out/has just arrived in print. It's called Images of a Journey: India in Diaspora, and it is a study of the Indian people and culture as they have moved and settled in so many parts of the world outside of India. You can see a sample of the book (and also get to the Amazon book purchase link via the "Store" page) on his website, HERE. The book was 4 years in the making, and definitely worth it!

I was lucky enough to get to attend his book talk yesterday in DC and see some of the photos up on the big slide screen. They're great!

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